TYSH – Out now!

Play , Owl, Bast…” The Yellow Straw Hat ” 👒Once upon a time in the midst of winter a little girl was born…her father was happy as he always wanted a girl…her mother was thrilled as she thought it might not ever be… she came early to this world… as she choose the place the time and her parents, as well as her companions on this path called life… 🦉She was the light of their hearts… as she got older she wondered and searched for magic…she saw things others never dreamt of…she was mischevious she was bright and she loved her friends, one was the owl in the tree she spoke to often and in her dreams she was taken to beautiful and magical places. Bago the Owl was her trusted companion who was always looking out for her… 🌙This mystery still lives with this little girl who is now grown up, she hasnt forgotten her as she honours her. In this story she dances with her, cries with her, plays with her and laughs with her… Szeretettel, if you didn’t know means With Love…💓 Rozália 🌹 TYSH 👒 This beautiful book is now out for YOU for your grandchildren, your inner child… for anyone who is inspired by adventure and magic. It’s essence has joy and love as I brought the story with me from across the sea and met the beautiful Laila when it was time to bring it to the world. As I write the story she brings it to life…🙏My Story Rozália Brien Art Illustration Laila Savolainen.